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10 Things Psychiatric RN Board Certification Can Do for Your Hospital

Psychiatric RN board Certification

Having Board Certified Psychiatric RNs caring for your patients:

  1. Positions your hospital to thrive at this difficult juncture in the health care industry by having RNs who are more efficient, skilled, and grounded in best-practice concepts, such as de-escalation techniques and suicide prevention

  2. Recognizes formally the knowledge, skill, and experience of your frontline nursing staff through a rigorous, national, standardized specialty exam.  (According to ANCC, the 2020 pass rate for the PMHN Exam was just 76%)

  3. Decreases the chances of sentinel events, such as major medication errors, patient suicides, missed medical complications, etc.

  4. Communicates to The Joint Commission and CMS your commitment to quality improvement and best-practice patient care

  5. Provides role-models of professionalism to all your staff

  6. Increases your RNs’ sense of job satisfaction

  7. Decreases turn-over by enhancing your RNs’ competence and confidence

  8. Promotes best-practice patient care (preparation for the exam requires that the RN revisit information that they may have forgotten and learn new research-based information they may not have previously encountered)

  9. Empowers your RNs through recognition and expertise, which in turn increases the chances of your nurses taking on leadership roles

  10. Improves the community’s perception of the hospital’s commitment to quality patient care, which increases the public’s confidence in the care you provide.

PMHRN, LLC will focus exclusively on helping your psychiatric-mental health RNs prepare for and pass their ANCC PMHN board certification exam.

Contact Alison Miller, MSN, PMHRN-BC, FAIS for more information about our test prep system, online courses, and in-person review course by email at Alison@PMHRN.comor phone 727-366-5040.