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My wonderful clinical group from Berkshi


I grew up in a family of teachers--my dad, my mom, my aunts, my uncles, all teachers.  But I fell head over heels in love with nursing and became a nurse.  No one else in my family had ever become a nurse, as far as anyone knew, so I thought I was forging my own path.

But I think there must be a "teaching gene" in our family, because no sooner had I earned my bachelors degree in nursing, I began teaching.  I taught patients about their illness and medications.  I taught family members how to care for their loved ones.  And eventually, I started teaching colleagues some of the secrets I had learned about working with patients and families who were struggling psychologically.

Since those early days, I've earned a masters degree in psychiatric nursing from the University of Illinois-Chicago, taught at three colleges of nursing, served as a Captain in the US Army Nurse Corps, written numerous articles on combat trauma, spoken at both civilian and military conferences, and been the Director overseeing psychiatric nursing education in 16 hospitals.   I've also become a Certified Nurse Educator and Board Certified as a psychiatric-mental health nurse.

PMHRN Consulting and allow me to channel everything I've learned from those years of experience in nursing and nursing education into helping elevate psychiatric care nationwide.  From the front-line nurse to the CEOs running psychiatric hospitals and the State agencies that keep an eye on everyone, I work closely with everyone involved in ensuring the highest level of patient safety and care. 


I believe the best way of elevating psychiatric care is through education.   My trainings are high energy, mulit-media presentations that encourage discussion and engagement, which increases retention of the material.


Confidence can only be built through competence, and competence requires training and coaching.  Contact me today for a free consult on how you can elevate your psychiatric care.

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