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Preparing to take the psychiatric-mental health board certification exam is an important step in elevating your career to the next level. In getting ready for this exam you can expect to feel both a little excited…and a little overwhelmed. There’s the excitement of expanding your professional footprint and earning more money. But there’s also the uncertainty of where to start or how to make sure you know all the material.

Practice questions are a crucial part of your preparing for ANCC's PMHN Board Certification Exam. It will help you become familiar with the way test questions are written, as well as what material you must know in order to pass.

But just knowing the answer to a question isn't enough. You have to know why it's correct. And even more importantly, you need to know why the other three are wrong.

These brand new 75 Practice Questions, written by Alison Lighthall Miller, MSN, PMHRN-BC, a psychiatric nurse educator for more than 20 years, provides you with all of it:

  • test-relevant questions carefully written in the exact style that ANCC writes theirs
  • questions on topics that are on today's exam
  • thoroughly researched for accuracy
  • discussion on how best to think about and understand the question in clear, non-academic language
  • rationales as to why three of the answers are incorrect
  • a full explanation as to why one answer is correct

No where else will you find such detailed information on a PMHN test question--a proven method that has helped thousands of psychiatric nurses become board certified!

75 Board Certification Question for ANCC's PMHN Exam

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