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Expanded and updated 2nd Edition of the best-selling PMHRN Board Certification Exam Prep Workbook, 
specifically created to help you pass ANCC's PMHN exam the first time! 


Comprehensive, condensed, current, logically organized, and test-relevant.

That's what the PMHN Exam Prep Workbook provides you as you begin preparing for the Psychiatric Mental Health RN Board Certification Exam, with several new chapters added!


Topics like:

  • Everything you need to know to qualify and sign up for the exam
  • Where to find FREE CEs to meet ANCC's requirements
  • Trauma Informed Care Explained--NEW!
  • 10 Legal Concepts Every Nurse Must Know--NEW!
  • Psychiatric Diagnoses, Including Personality Disorders--EXPANDED AND UPDATED
  • Transcultural Nursing Care and Cultural Humility--EXPANDED AND UPDATED
  • Performance and Professional Standards--EXPANDED AND UPDATED
  • Developmental Theorists
  • Psychotropics & Adverse Reactions
  • Key Lab Values to Know
  • Psychiatric Terms
  • Concepts That Comprise Ethical Nursing
  • Psychiatric Therapies and Nursing Interventions, Including ECT
  • Research Terms and Concepts to Know
  • Care of the LGBTQ+ Patient
  • Overdose Management
  • Three Types of Crisis
  • Three Levels of Prevention
  • Suicide Assessment Quiz & Answers

And much more!

2023-2034 Board Certification Workbook for ANCC's PMHN Exam

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