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These 34 Secrets to passing the PMHN exam the first time are strategies that are organized into the four stages of exam prep:


  1. Gearing Up (Four Secrets that will set you up for success, right from the start)
  2. Studying (Twelve Secrets that will help you zero in on the most important topics to be fluent in and how best to approach those topics)
  3. Sharpening Your Test-Taking Skills (Eight Secrets that will show you how to accurately unpack each exam question, helping you to zero in on exactly the right answer)
  4. The "Day Of" (Ten Secrets that will make all the difference on Exam Day, like how to ensure you do not run out of time and how to make the most of a mid-test break)


Plus you'll also get these as a BONUS:  

  • Alison's NEW 12-Week Study Plan with lots of QR codes that will link you to other great materials (almost all of which are free!)
  • 18 Psychiatric Terms You Must Know
  • Extensive FAQs about the ANCC Psychiatric-Mental Health RN exam
  • Checklist of 33 ANCC exam topics to study for the exam


Pass the First Time: 34 Secrets to Passing the Psychiatric-Mental Health RN Exam

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